Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Development Roadmap

This is an update on the development for Backup Nexus, or bun.

Our focus for the past few months has been to bring bun up to a baseline level of usability. Because the focus was on polishing bun, we were making rapid releases every two weeks. All of this culminated in beta 6 last week, which is now in a very stable state.

Since we have gotten bun to the baseline level functionality, the development focus for the next few months will be shifting to the back-end. Some of our plans include bringing a faster server cluster online, which would help with connectivity. In addition, the back-end enhancement will allow us to quicken our pace of future development and push out some truly exciting features, which we have been craving to work on ever since bun was conceived. A new web site is also in the making.

What does all this mean for you? It means that in the immediate future, there will be a less frequent release of bun. During this time, beta 6 is fully supported and you can continue to use it. The project will look quiet from the outside, but rest assured we are working hard on the inside.

The best is yet to come.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beta 6 Available

Fresh from the oven, we bring you another release of bun (that's what we call Backup Nexus in the lab).

Bun, I mean, pun intended :).

This is another solid release, incorporating several enhancements:
  • General performance improvements
  • Better compression ratio for your files
  • Multiple-platform support for Mac, Windows and Linux
We are very excited about this release of bun. It is the first release with versions for Mac and Linux, in addition to the existing Windows version. We have worked hard on integrating bun with both Linux and Mac desktops, so that it plays well with your environment.

If you are a Mac user, simply unpack the .dmg image and drag the .app file to your Applications folder. You can then start bun by launching it from your Application folder. As a bonus, bun will set itself to start when you login to your Mac desktop, so you need not remember to run it every time you log in.

If you are a Linux user, this release is a bit spartan in the way of installer, but that's probably the way you want it anyway. Simply download the tarball, unpack to /usr/local (or any location of your choosing), and run the script to start bun. The only extra steps you need to do is to make sure that you have a way to launch the BackupNexus script when your login to your desktop (instructions available for GNOME, KDE, and other desktops).

You can download bun for Windows, Mac, or Linux here.