Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beta 25 - Network Enhancement and Performance Improvements

We have released beta 25 of Bun. This new release brings with it a whole host of improvements, most important of which is a new network transport that connects faster and more reliably - this means that your files will be backed up sooner and the backup status reflected earlier.

We also tweaked various internal settings to make the file scanning process faster and smoother. In addition, some small bugs have been fixed as well.

Beta 25 is available on automatic update, so you should be running it presently.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beta 24 - Maintenance Release

We have released another maintenance release of bun. It is now available for automatic update.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beta 23 - Headless Mode and Bug Fixes

We have just released beta 23. This is a release focused on improving the stability of Bun. No new features is in this release, but many bugs have been fixed, including an occasional problem with hung downloads.

More interestingly, we have also enabled Bun for non-GUI headless mode (most useful for Linux users). This means that you can now execute Bun in a non-GUI environment and it will run fine; however, you won't get the nice tray icon with the shortcut menu. If you run Bun in non-GUI mode, you can access the configuration page by pointing your web browser to the default local configuration page at http://localhost:7000/hi

As usual, the release has been pushed out for automatic update.