Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beta 11 - Major Update

We are very happy to announce that beta 11 of Backup Nexus is now available for download!

This is a major update for bun; virtually every aspect of the program has been revamped and polished. This new version is faster, more reliable, gives you more feedback about the backup progress, while still retaining the priority of keeping backup easy to do.

We have also added storage sharing with this new version. Currently, bun may use up to 2 GB of your disk space to back up files for other people on the network. (Note that the ratio and amount may change in a later version).

Because this is a major update, you will have to uninstall the previous version of Backup Nexus (beta 10, released back in October) before installing beta 11. To ensure that you uninstall the previous version cleanly, first quit Backup Nexus. If you are on Windows, you can then execute the uninstaller, which will fully uninstall the program. If you are on Linux or Mac, open up your command prompt and type in "rm -rf ~/.backupnexus" to delete the old configurations.

Beta 11 was originally scheduled to be released in early 2008. We could not have released it early, without the help of our early beta testers (you know who you are). Thanks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beta 11 Preview

In the past few months, we have been focusing on developing the next generation of bun. However, since we have been so quiet, you may be curious about what we have been up to.

The development of beta 11 is drawing to a close. We are now concentrating on testing bun in the lab. Since the features are now finalized, we would also like to give you a preview of what you can expect from the next beta.

Beta 11 is a big enhancement over the previous version of bun. Here is an partial list:
  • Much better performance, thanks to the use of a new database layer that speeds performance by 20% or more.
  • Higher compression ratio makes storage more efficient and backup transfer faster.
  • Advanced and multiple layers of encryptions and checksum protects the confidentiality and integrity of your files.
  • Network folder registration saves you from having to remember what folder you previously backed up.
  • Better and more accurate statistics on how many of your files have been backed up
  • Many bug fixes that improves stability and functionalities (with special thanks to the beta testers who gave us the feedback).
Beta 11 is going through testing right now. If we do not encounter any significant problem, it should be available for download early next year.

Overall, the coming months will be an exciting time for bun, and we look forward to bringing you the result of our hard work.