Friday, September 28, 2007

Beta 10 - Minor Update

This is just to let you know that we have released beta 10 of Backup Nexus, or bun.

Just like beta 9, this is yet another minor update. Most of the changes are internal improvements. In response to your feedback, we have also tuned down the frequency of popup notification, so there won't be too many messages telling you that bun has just started up or finished backing up a folder.

As usual, the update has been made available through the self-update site, so you should receive this update automatically.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beta 9 - Little Tweaks

We have made beta 9 release of bun (Backup Nexus) available. This is a minor update, made to fine tune some of the major features that we introduced back in beta 8. A cursory overview of the changes in this release:
  • For maximum safety, whenever a file is deleted or overwritten by bun, it is moved to the trash or recycle bin instead. Check your trash bin if you can't find a file and suspect that it may have been deleted accidentally.
  • Fixed a bug so that directory deletion are now detected.
  • Small bug fixes and other internal improvements.
As usual, this update is available via the self-update feature of bun, so if you are running bun, you should have received this update automatically.

This is also the first release to integrate some of the backend enhancements, which we posted about a few months ago. Bun is also running in our new data center with better connectivity and computing power. For now, the integration is only superficial, but stay tuned, as we gradually bring more of the new backend online.