Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beta 13 - Battery and Use Throttling, Low Latency Download

Bun beta 13 has just been released. This version is packed with several improvements. First of all, if you have been concerned about a backup job starting right in the middle of your work on your computer, you will be pleased to know that Bun is now smart enough to recognize that you are using your computer, and will delay the backup job. On the same note, Bun is now also smart enough to stop backup when your laptop is running low on battery. These two features are currently available on Windows and Mac.

Besides being more intelligent about when to work and when to pause, this new version of Bun also has a revamped download system, which will intelligent begin downloads based on the presence of available sources on the network. This should significantly reduce the download latency (delay between when a download can be started and when it is actually started).

In addition to these major features, we also fixed several bugs and improved the layout of the user interface.

The new version is now available on automatic self-update. You can expect your installation to be updated within 24 hours.