Sunday, February 15, 2009

Backup Nexus Calculator

We have released a new tool on Along with a new welcome page, the Backup Nexus Calculator helps your figure out how safe your data is. You can plug in your own computer usage, and it will tell you what risks your files are being exposed to. For example, do you back up your files to an external hard drive and run anti-virus software? You are covered for virus infection and hard drive crash, but what about power surges that toast everything plugged into your computer?

There is another section of the calculator that is more complicated, but it figures out for your how much your data is worth and how much risk you experience every year, in dollar value, if you do not back up your files.

The most interesting part of the calculated result is the value of risk. Most people talk of the thousands of dollars in losses, if their hard drive crashed and they don't have back up. But what if you were lucky enough to never have experienced a hard drive crash, does that mean you are loss-free? As it turns out, even if you don't lose data, you still suffer the risk of data loss. The calculator will show you how much risk you suffer, in dollar term, even if you don't actually lose data.